The oxygen refining has been applied successfully to Chinese silicon smelting industry in late 1990’s by two partners working together. Because of the applications of this technology,Silicon metal smelters in China can produce chemical grade silicon metal,which is fundamental raw material for silicone and Polycrystal silicon. By taking silicon metal from the selected vendors and checking the quality to each lot professionally,we are able to consistently deliver agreed specification product tocustomers.

Commitment to quality has been at the heart of the company since the beginning. The site in Dalian is equipped with state of the art ICP (Inductively Coupled Plasma) analyzer operated by professional technicians.The lab has successfully achieved ISO/IEC17025 certification.

DC Silicon was founded in 2001 in Dalian, China through a joint venture between Dow Corning Corporation and its Chinese partner. Dow Chemical assumed 100% control after the acquisition of the remaining 50% stake from Corning Corporation in 2016 and restructured Dow Corning as Dow Silicones Limited。
The company specializes in silicon metal supply chain solutions for Dow including the vendor qualification, sourcing, quality assurance as well as technology consulting related to silicon, storage and endpoint delivery to Dow’s silicone production sites in the UK and China.
DC Silicon set up a branch company named DC Silicon (ZJG)logistics Co., Ltd., in Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu province,China in 2012 to service Dow silicone site there seamlessly.

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Kristen Agbato


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Dalian DC Silicon Co.,Ltd.

Located in Dalian Free Trade Zone. The area is more than 10000 square meters, including one office building with 1400 square meters and one warehouse with 3000 square meters. Storage capacity is up to 3000mt of silicon metal.

DC Silicon(Zhangjiagang) Logistics Co.,Ltd.

Located in Zhangjiagang Free Trade Zone, Jiangsu province. The area is more than 38000 square meters,including one office building with 1040 square meters and 5 warehouses with total of 13000 square meters, the storage capacity is up to 20000mt of silicon metal.

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DC Silicon(Zhangjiagang)Logistics Co.,Ltd

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