Main Activities

Main Activities

Supplier development

Since DC Silicon buys all silicon metal in lumps, we need the support of all suppliers. We select our potential suppliers based on credibility, management, facility and various other factors.Through ongoing communication and cooperation the supplier should fully understand our requirements in terms of quality, supply and sustainable development.Such cooperation will lead to a long term business relationship with the suppliers based on the win-win principle.

The procurement of silicon metal

As the China silicon purchasing center for Dow Corning our main role is to fulfill the China silicon purchasing requirement in line with the Dow Corning global supplier plan.We usually accept the material from qualified suppliers only.

Technical support and financing

We provide certain technical and management expertise to help our suppliers to increase the material quality, while decreasing their cost. When necessary we are also capable of providing our suppliers with certain financial help to improve their cash flow.

The quality control

We complete the control of the material quality in mainly two aspects:Firstly, we persuade the suppliers to organize their production, refining, inspection, packing and transportation according to our requirement;Secondly, we randomly test the material received.


The qualified material will be crushed according to the customers’ specification. The entire process is in a completely closed loop dust extraction to ensure that no impurities contaminate the material or the environment.


In addition to supply Dow Corning silicon metal, we have the capacity to supply other customers with silicon metal according to the individually agreed specifications and delivery terms.